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Re: get rid of landlord

On 7/22/06, Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> wrote:
I am looking instead at
how to stop services. I never looked at that before but it seems that gnome,
can be stopped from rc4.d. It may be useful to get knowledge of rc#.d instead
of going by trial and error as I did before, succeding in having X system at

That doesn't make sense.

GNOME consists of a set of libraries and applications that use those libraries.

You don't "start up Gnome" or "stop Gnome"; you instead run (or don't
run) one or another of those applications.

There are a few of those apps that make attempts to "take over" a
system and run other Gnome apps; you need only avoid them.  gdm is
likely one such; gnome-session is another; Nautilus is in a pretty
special class of its own...

Get rid of those three and you're likely pretty safe from being "hurt"
by Gnome...
Oddly enough, this is completely standard behaviour for shells. This
is a roundabout way of saying `don't use combined chains of `&&'s and
`||'s unless you think Gödel's theorem is for sissies'.

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