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Re: buildd failures for amd64?

On Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at 08:50:58PM +0200, Joost Witteveen wrote:
> >Can you give me any list of packages that we should build, are
> >unavailable, and don't have an RC bug open that it failed to
> >build?
> >  
> Not anymore. I remember a that a few weeks (months?) ago apt-get-ing 
> from testing complained about a lot missing packages. But now at least 
> that works OK again for me.

Those were just problems with migration to testing, those things
sort themself out over time, but it had some help of upload to

> The other (other than nagios-plugins) 
> packages I remember compiling when they were unavailable for some time 
> in unstable were sendmail (after a security bug), and ntp 
> 4.2.0a+stable-8.2. But both now are available from the testing archive, 
> so both problems have already been noticed.

Afaik, ntp isn't in testing yet on amd64, and I should know.
4.2.0a+stable-8.2 was only in unstable.  Hopefully the new
version we're working on is ready soon, and move to testing fast.

> >In this case, it's a bug in the package where it
> >should actually specifiy a correct versioned build dependency.
> >Even though we could build it at a later time, we don't, and
> >expect the maintainer to upload a new version with that bug
> >fixed.
> Agreed. 
> BTW, are you sure it was builddeps in this case? the build haning in trying 
> to ping localhost seems not to relate to builddeps.

nagios-plugins didn't have a missing build dependency or
anything.  I was trying to explain reasons why something might
fail to build on the buildd and work for you.


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