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buildd failures for amd64?


I from time-to-time notice that amd64 doesn't have a package in
unstable/testing, while most (all) other archs do. At the moment
for example natios-plugins is compiled for most archs, but the amd64
arch reports "maybe-failed":


When trying myself
  apt-get source nagios-plugins; cd n*; fakeroot ./debian/rules binary
on my amd64 box, I get the proper nagios-plugins*.deb's in 136 seconds,
so it looks like there was something wrong with the build box for amd64.

So, I wonder, could my box help with the compiling (I have hd and bandwidth
to burn)? (If so, does anyone know where to apply?)


(I used to be a debian developer, joostje@debian.org)

Groetjes, joostje
005608398914893a14f10ab33944162d  -

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