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Re: buildd failures for amd64?

On Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at 11:19:38AM +0200, Joost Witteveen wrote:
> Hi,
> I from time-to-time notice that amd64 doesn't have a package in
> unstable/testing, while most (all) other archs do. At the moment
> for example natios-plugins is compiled for most archs, but the amd64
> arch reports "maybe-failed":

A "maybe-failed" is a state of a log file.  But the package is in
installed state, as you can see here:

In this case, I've actually build + uploaded the package
manually.  I haven't really tested this, but because of the setup
of the buildd, it's ping test probably failed.  I assumed it
tried to ping localhost, which happens to not work.

> So, I wonder, could my box help with the compiling (I have hd and bandwidth
> to burn)? (If so, does anyone know where to apply?)

We already have 2 buildds, and 1 can keep up very easy.  We
currently really don't need more.


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