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Re: Texmaker fails to build on arm

On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 11:15:35AM +0300, Riku Voipio wrote:
> Looking at the texmaker buildd log[1], It seems g++-4.1 is not
> installed, and thus the version of g++ in the buildd is one
> of the g++-4.0 versions. 
> Should g++ be atleast the same major version as gcc ? from the logs
> seems grieg has g++-4.1 but the others have something older.
> --snip--
> Automatic build of texmaker_1.3-2 on europa by sbuild/arm 85
> Build started at 20060706-0507
> --snip--
> Checking correctness of source dependencies...
> Toolchain package versions: libc6-dev_2.3.6-13 linux-kernel-headers_2.6.13+0rc3-2.1 gcc-4.1_4.1.1-5 g++-4.1_ binutils_2.17-1 libstdc++6-4.1-dev_ libstdc++6_4.1.1-5 
> --snip--

Well as far as I can tell, you can't assume the buildd's will have all
the latest versions installed.  If you want something built with g++
4.1, then you have to explictly build-dep on that version of g++.
Perrhaps that is the solution here.  Since etch now officially should
use 4.1 as the default compiler, it is probably reasonable to build-dep
on at least that version.

Len Sorensen

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