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Re: two questions about packages

Wolfgang Mader wrote:
Hello list,

since a real long time, two months or so, aptitude always wants to upgrade the package
libselinux from version 1.30-1 to version 1.30-1
This is not bad, I think but anoying. Has someone an idea.

And another package is a bit strange. The new googleearth-package package. I installed it but this package seems to do nothing. It does not download any google-earth, installs an executable or does something else I was expecting from it. What to do which this thing. I want to try google-earth but if I execute the googleearth.bin I get the nice error:

./setup.sh: line 216: setup.data/bin/Linux/amd64/setup.gtk2: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden ./setup.sh: line 216: setup.data/bin/Linux/amd64/setup.gtk: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
The setup program seems to have failed on amd64

Fatal error, installer failed to run at all!

So I wanted to try the package.

Thank you in advance. W. Mader
My german is not that good, but I think that, for googleearth, the installer is looking for xserver or something similar, and it does not fing it because you are running ./googleearth....bin from root. Try it as a normal user, should work

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