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Re: apparent crashes persist.

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
Once again, when it crashes, I can sometimes still manage to use a ssh connection to get in from elsewhere. What information should I collect, and how should I analyse it?

Start with 'dmesg'. Look for anything erroneous and/or send the output to the list. You can also check /var/log/messages after rebooting, but problems might not get written there if the kernel is somehow unable to write to the disk.

What is ur memory configuration by the way? I remember you said 2G, but is it 2x1G, 4x512M, something else? and what about the manufacturer?

2x1G.  But now I'm running 1x1G.  Kingston memory.

memtest86+ never finds a thing wrong.

Could be, of course that it's other hardware.

Have you tried stressing your CPU?

1. make sure your CPU isn't running too hot
2. # apt-get install cpuburn
3. $ burnK7
4. keep an eye on your CPU temperature and see if your system crashes soon.


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