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kernel error, packages, unstable

   I hope I am not forcing my solutions to the list. I have had the problem 
with kernel 2.6 14 and 2.6.15 (2.6.13 never installed) that the computer 
froze, most often during heavy simulation but also without anything 
happening. The same happened to some i386 machines as well. With kernels 
2.6.12 and 2.6.16 it hasn't crashed a single time.
   I have decided several times to stick to Debian testing but unstable seems 
to be more usable and less problematic in many ways.
   After reading the incoming mails and talking to my Debian friends I think I 
should recommend two things:
On this homepage, all of the debian packages and their contents can be search 
in such a simple way that even I can do it.
The tool
is a very handy tool to install packages. You can see the whole list of 
installed and available packages. A friend of min recommends aptitude but I 
haven't had the time to check it out properly. The only problem with dselect 
is that sometimes (when large unresolved upgrades occur) it want's to throw 
out several hundred packages at once and if I am not fast enough 
pressing "x", then I need to press plus several hundred times. Pressing x and 
using apt-get under such circumstances works perfectly.


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