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Re: Broken applications: Could we be honest?


On 7/8/06, Oliver Rother <rother@physik.uni-kiel.de> wrote:
> At the risk of imposing what we do at our work place onto your work
> flow, i find that users generally should have access to better
> debuggers/profilers than what ships with standard gnu distros.

Well, if you intend to start a flame war on the lists... but enough on that.

Nope, I have no intentions of any flame wars, i guess i didnt phrase
my initial comments very well (i pretty much meant that from a point
of view that some of our users fortran90 codes that some of our users
need to compile happily breaks different compilers and it just happens
we favour a certain toolchain for certain/most things). i apologise
for that.

also is it necessary to be cross posting to so many lists?

> presumably if you are doing scientific computations, you probably have
> access to a commercial compiler?

Oh, we do. Consider an project with a timeline of many years or even
decades of years. would you choose a non onepn source (commercial)
compiler/debugger for that project? I'm pretty sure, you won't.

again my comments were from the point of view of various codes at our
site uses just breaks different compilers or have different
requirements. and im quite happy to use whatever program/applications
that is available that is suited to a task. i guess im agonistic in my
approach at using the appropriate tool for my tasks that i do.

> also shouldnt users be using programs like xmgrace

Talking about commerical applications from your point of view - why use
free software for data analysis when powerful commercial packages like
IDL are available?

i think you misread that comment. i just made a comment on how users
probably should run things like xmgrace/gnuplot etc... at the end of
their job runs on their own workstations whenever possible.

Jimmy Tang
Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing,
Lloyd Building, Trinity College Dublin.

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