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Re: Unwanted messages

A J Stiles wrote:
> We seem to be getting a lot of spam being sent to the list lately.  Can we do 
> anything to block it?  Only accepting inbound mail from addresses on the 
> recipients list would be a good start.  Also, since we're all Debian users 
> here, it might make sense to reject mail apparently coming from a 
> Windows-based user-agent.
> It was ironically endearing when it was adverts for pirated Windows software; 
> but I get enough pr0n, phishing and share scams elsewhere without them coming 
> through this list.
there are points against that...
first, there is already a spamassasin running on lists.debian.org it

and to your suggestions:
i don't think blocking certian oses is good practice...
i for one am currently sitting on a windows machine, and i suspect that
there are some companies with debian servers and windows clients...so
block them?

and the subscriber only policy is another problem:
because posting to a debian mailing list is nearly garanty for recieving
spam on that address, some people use fake addresse they don't read for
posting and let the messages be delivered to another one...so block
people that don't want to recieve spam?


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