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Re: xorg 7.0 (glx problems--Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual)

I wonder if you might expand on your 'fix' a little bit.  

I installed libgl1-mesa-swx11 with APT.
It removed libgl1-mesa-glx, x-window-system, xorg
When I used APT to reinstall, x-window-system, It removed my newly installed
libgl1-mesa-swx11, and put back libgl1-mesa-glx.

When you say you 'installed' mesa-swx11-source, I assume you mean that you
did compile/make.  That doesn't intimidate me. ... But, if 'rebuilding and
installing xserver-xorg-core' means you also compiled that from source, ...
I'm hesitant.

It appears that, given time, the problem will be corrected by normal
upgrades, but I am tired of living without GLX.  I this process is not risky
for an 'intermediate (at best) user, I'll try it.  But I would like a little
more encouragement.
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