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please summarize amd64 installation steps

Hi all:
I have followed with particular attention in the last few days all issues on 
this list related to amd64 debian installation. Just because I have now 
finally everything ready for a fresh installation on a fresh ready 
workstation equipped with Tyan K8WE S2895 (bearing video card Pixelview 6600 
256M DDR DVI and a scsi card for external devices), a couple of dual amd64 
opteron, and a couple of 300GB SATA HD.

For the benefit of poor guys like me who rarely carry out software 
installations, could you please check my projected route, and its sequence, 
for suitability/correctness?

1) Start with debian installer
Debian testing amd64 Bin-1/ISO9660 [93 MB] (CD-ROM waiting on my machine)
burned from
debian-testing-amd64-netinst.iso [93.4 MB]
as downloaded yesterday from

2)Follow substantially a netinstall according to Roberto's howto

3)Establish raid1. To this regard, I am at "Today 21:19:28" directions by 
Alexander Siek. I understand Alexander has positively answered all (nearly 
all?) criticism by Goswin. However, I must confess that i use a pc with 
debian testing/unstable but I never established a raid before. Therefore, I 
only hope to be able to follow Alexander's indications but it would be better 
for me to read before some general instructions as to establish a raid1. I 
have none yet.
4)Install 32b applications into a chroot as indicated in both Roberto's howto 
above and, for what I need, ie not sound) in
without, however, following step
1.4) You also need a link to your 32bit linker in the /lib path:
 $ cd /lib
 $ ln -s /var/sid-386-chroot/lib/ld-linux.so.2 ld-linux.so.2
because I read somewhere that installed libraries are linked per se.

I hope the kernel provided supports my mainboard and I wish myself good luck. 
But there cannot be good luck without some guidance. Thanks a lot

francesco pietra

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