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Re: Tyan S2877 no network? like to end up with something close to sarge...

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Karl Schmidt wrote:
> OK - I got things somewhat installed - I used the latest testing netinstall image
> I had to hit a go-back  to get to a screen that gave a choice of stable, 
> testing (this screen is important, yet missing from the straight install?)

Try adding 'expert' to the boot command line.  I'm not sure if any
installers but the credit-card sized (30MB or so) CD Roms support this,

> but it wouldn't reboot my md software raid1 install - so I started up in rescue 
> mode and did:
> mount /dev/md0 /target
> chroot /target
> and had things somewhat working - did some apt-get installs that would run but 
> then - I could not shut down.
> I tried reboot and shutdown now
> I got an error I didn't understand and stupidly did a reset that wiped out the 
> /dev/md0 some how and couldn't mount /dev/md0 anymore??
> I wonder if I should have done a telint or something else to shutdown?


> I wonder if I should just install without raid and make the raid by hand?

I don't know...what exactly are you trying to do?

I'm assuming you want to install sarge, and the kernel provided with the
sarge installer doesn't properly talk to all of your hardware.

In my experience, the easiest way to deal with this is by using a more
current installer image (ie: testing or unstable) but do a net install
and point it at a sarge repository (ie: in /etc/apt/sources, also
configurable from the installer menu).

Given the problems you're having with RAID, I'd also do a minimal
install to a non-raid root device (which you can mirror later).  Don't
bother setting up big RAID5 and LVM stuff to get started...jump through
those hoops once you've verified the kernel is talking to your hardware

WARNING:  If you're trying to use sarge, you'll need to stick with a
2.6.13 or earlier kernel, or go through a big mess to manually create a
working initrd image.  The kernel/initial ramdisk tools/boot loader
configuration are kind of in flux at the moment, as debian is switching
away from mkinitrd for newer kernels.

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