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Re: Tyan S2877 no network? like to end up with something close to sarge...

On Wed, May 03, 2006 at 02:38:05PM -0500, Charles Steinkuehler wrote:
> Given the problems you're having with RAID, I'd also do a minimal
> install to a non-raid root device (which you can mirror later).  Don't
> bother setting up big RAID5 and LVM stuff to get started...jump through
> those hoops once you've verified the kernel is talking to your hardware
> correctly.

Well running root on raid1 is not an issue with sarge.  Running root (or
at least the /boot directory) on anything more advanced than plain raid1
is just asking for trouble.

> WARNING:  If you're trying to use sarge, you'll need to stick with a
> 2.6.13 or earlier kernel, or go through a big mess to manually create a
> working initrd image.  The kernel/initial ramdisk tools/boot loader
> configuration are kind of in flux at the moment, as debian is switching
> away from mkinitrd for newer kernels.

If you use backports.org as an addition, then you have the tools needed
to use a newer kernel.  I wouldn't try a newer kernel either unless I at
least had backports of the new initramfs-tools and dependancies.

Len Sorensen

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