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what's better for AMD64 [ASUS A6B00K]

hi everyone,

i just decided to install Debian into my laptop with AMD64 (AMD
Turion/tm 64 Mobile) with NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200 and I would like to
ask which option is better:

"testing" distribution (regenerated weekly) from: cdimage.debian.org


the unofficial Debian-AMD64 Sarge from:
(last version is from jenuary 2005)

by the way if some one has ASUS A6B004 - i'll be glade for all
information which can help during installation

thanks in advance,


Bartosz Boguszewski
 email: bboguszewski@gmail.com
phone: +33 663481868 (fr) *
           +48 694603537 (pl)

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