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Re: Jumbo Frames?

On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 03:53:04PM +0000, Adam Stiles wrote:
> On Tuesday 31 Jan 2006 15:51, Chaim Keren Tzion wrote:
> > I don't know this switch but why does g19 have Mode "On" and g21 have
> > Mode "Off"?
> > Also, why not try making the Mdix type the same?
> The difference between MDI and MDI-X is in the port wiring; one of them has 
> the transmit and receive lines swapped over.  You need a straight-through 
> cable to go from MDI to MDI-X, or a crossover {pin 1 swapped with pin 3 and 
> pin 2 swapped with pin 6}  to go from either type to the same type.
> Much modern kit seems to be capable of auto-sensing which is which.

Ur, you cannot use a crossover cable with gigabit+.  It has to be an
8 wire cable of type "straight thru" which is the standard twisted
pair wire.  Make sure your cable, if you didn't make it yourself,
has all 8 wires (the spec for 100BT is really only 4 wires, but most
cables have 8 hooked up) and that it's not a crossover.  Example: to
connect two gigabit interfaces together, use a straight through cable.
To connect a gigabit interface to a switch, use a straight through cable.
Makes it easy, right?  ~:^)

Some uber smart switches will detect a crossover cable, drop the
interface to 100BT and fix up the wiring auto-sensibly, but mine
certainly doesn't do that.



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