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Re: segmentation fault with firefox 1.5 after apt-get upgrade yesterday

Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:

Same thing, after an update a few days ago, firefox segfaults.

However, If i run firefox from the 32bit chroot and execute 64bit
firefox while the 32bit one is open, no segfault occurs and firefox runs
ok. Very odd


This behaviour is easy to explain;

If firefox is starting it asks X11 if another firefox is present.
If firefox is running, this instance of firefox is asked to spawn another window.

Imagine two Systems:

outdated debian unstable
username@sam:~$ mozilla-firefox --version
Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6, Copyright (c) 1998 - 2005 mozilla.org

2 hours before updated debian unstable
username@bruno:~$ firefox --version
Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Copyright (c) 1998 - 2005 mozilla.org

If you are sitting in front of bruno and start a local firefox,
it will display same version in command line and in Help->About.

But if you are using ssh with X-forwarding to sam and start a remote firefox, it will display version 1.0.6 in command line but 1.5 in Help->About, if you did not close the local firefox before. If you closed the local one, Help->About tells
you 1.0.6 before.

In the first case, another instance of the local firefox 1.5 was spawned,
in the second case it was a remote one.

Why do I tell you all this?
If a 32bit firefox is running, you will always spawn a 32bit one,
but no seg-faulting 64bit firefox.

So never try to use a remote firefox with little endian sitting in front of a
big endian machine and vice versa. Their communication will fail and mess
the local one up.



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