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Re: Debianized 2.6.15 + ndiswrapper = kernel panic

Koen Vermeer wrote:

On Wed, 2006-01-11 at 00:04 +0100, thierry wrote:
Koen Vermeer wrote:
But I was unaware of the deinstall/reinstall thing. Where did you find
that information?
In the README file from the sources!:-)

Strange. I just looked at the README in the source of 1.5, and couldn't
find anything about it...
I do remember that I saw somewhere else (probably during install) about
an earlier change which required the reinstall of drivers. But I think
that was for pre-1.0rcx installations.


Maybe you are right, it was during the install of 1.7.... Don't remember exactly... Old age maybe..

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