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How to use 2.4 kernel on EMT64 machine

Hi all,

I've got a Dell PowerEdge SC430 server with Celeron D CPU(EMT64) and
Intel ICH7 SATA interface.  I have installed sarge on this machine using
a customed install CD, which has kernel 2.6.12-1-amd64-generic.  It
works fine.  For some reasons, I need to use 2.4 kernel.  So I download
official 2.4.32 kernel and patch it by
in order to get ICH7 support.  I didn't find any problem on compiling.
But the machine stop booting on the startup message, "Booting the
kernel.".  Does anyone successfully run 2.4 kernel with ICH7 support on
EMT64 machine?


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