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Re: Unable to create i386 chroot

On Tue, 03 Jan 2006 02:30:09 +0100, Markus Neviadomski wrote:

> just today i get such a chroot running from this mirror without any
> problems. Are you shure, there is enough space left on device? Otherwise,
> try to wget the missing packages to test the download.

I deleted the whole directory and retried with this command:

nostromo:/var/chroot/sid-ia32# debootstrap --resolve-deps --arch i386 sid /var/chroot/sid-ia32 http://ftp.debian.org/debian/

(added --resolve-deps after Gudjon advice, thank you too)

It worked perfectly:

I: Configuring sysklogd...
I: Base system installed successfully.

Don't know what happened. Thank you for your help anyway!

Best Regards, Jack
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