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Re: new kernel too big for lilo

Old bug. you should have tryed Google.

You're copying the uncompressed kernel. Doesn't work.

Don't copy kernel by hand, use make install


On Monday 26 December 2005 17:02, Craig Hagerman wrote:
> Hi,
> I asked a question last week about why my computer seems to use the
> CPU a lot during disc access. (Like using find, cp etc) Responses led
> me to figure out that DMA is not activated. After doing some searching
> on the internet I found out that I probably should compile a kernel
> with dma support (or at least compiled in as a module).
> My problem is that the resultant kernel image is too big ... at least
> that is the complain that lilo keeps giving me. From within the source
> directory I do:
> % make dep && make clean && make bzImage &
> % make modules
> % make modules_install
> then copy the vmlinux image to /boot, add the appropriate lines to
> /etc/lilo.conf and then run
> % lilo
> which tells me:
>    Fatal: Kernel /boot/vmlinux-2.6.14-dma is too big
> It is 7258373 b. When I started it was about 8500000 b. I have gone
> through make menuconfig a dozen times now, turning off as many options
> as possible, choosing to build as a module instead of built in where
> possible ... and STILL I am getting an image that lilo complains
> about.
> I don't understand this. Am I doing something wrong? or is lilo wrong?
> Can anyone tell me the correct way to compile a kernel if I have been
> doing it wrong.
> Thanks,
> Craig

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