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Re: Problems installing on AMD Athlon 64 system

On 12/19/05, Aaron Stromas <passogiau@gmail.com> wrote:
> Someone mentioned 64 bit knoppix. I thought of that but couldn't find it.
> That would be the fastest way, i think. Thanks for all the advice,

Seem I am mistaken there. I thought I did use it, but I could only
find a rather old port of Knoppix to amd64, which is probably not what
you want.

The Ubuntu amd64 live CD might be a good alternative for now. It is a
bit slow booting, but it should make it a lot easier to figure out
your hardware. Unfortunately, the installation from the live CD is not
quite supported yet.

Apart from that, I have yet to find a reasonable amd64 recovery CD.
Because I had file system trouble a while ago, I was searching the web
far and wide for one, and could not find anything else.


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