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Re: Problems installing on AMD Athlon 64 system

i burn the isos on windows using nero. ive never had problems.
and ive burnt debian (various platforms), fedora (various),
red hat images once upon a time, turbolinux, gentoo, freebsd
openbsd etc....

winrar should be able to open the iso's in windows or use iso
buster. further pre-burn testing might including using daemontools
or vmware to mount the cd images (vmware allowing you to test
them for booting... although not amd64 i suppose. but it should
just boot the kernel and the kernel will then say. no sorry
64bit only).


Glenn English wrote:
On Sat, 2005-12-17 at 20:37 -0500, Aaron Stromas wrote:

I'm trying to install sarge amd64 on AMD Athlon 64 system and making
zero progress: none of the CDs I burned would boot, so I followed the
README.sbm, created a floppy with sbm.bin and booted off it. I got the
boot manager menu, selected the CDROM drive with the Debian image end
got "IO Error".  I know the hardware can run 64 bit Linux, it has Red
Hat installed, but I prefer Debian. Any suggestions? I'd be most

How sure are you of your burn process? I know for absolute sure that the
amd64 Net Install iso burned by my P4 box with K3B's "Tools->CD->Burn CD
Image" works because that's how Debian got on this machine.

Can you burn with a different machine? Can you burn a CD that will boot
other machines?

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