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Re: How to install nvidia driver

	Hi guys,

	I'm not really sure if this was answered before on this discussion list but 
here I go.

	I have an not so powerfull/new nvidia card, may card is FX5200. I have two 
system with the same card, but the amount of GDDR is diferent, on my athlonXP 
I have FX5200 with 128MB and on my new AMD64 the same with 256MB of GDDR.

	I never make the TV-out work sucessifully until now. Oh right.. I have not do 
my best to this until now. But I verify that with nv driver TV-out does not 
work properly.

	Two days ago I use apt-get upgrade to keep my system up to date and get a new 
kernel version(linux-image-2.6.14...), so a must to compile a new nvidia 
driver(I like do the things in this way). But the 7174 driver does not 
compile fine. So let's go get 7676 from nvidia. This compiles and runs fine 
and a surprise to me! the TV-out has work!

	I really don't known if is a problem of my cards or of nv driver, and to be 
honest, I'm not do the best to get TV-out work with previous nvida driver, or 
with previous nv driver, but I known which the current nv driver TV-out does 
not work to me, don't matter what I put on my xorg.conf. Whit 7676 driver 
compiled the TV-out work.

	Some other notes: the 7174 does not compile om 2.6.14, as one can see in the 
discussion about that 
(http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2005/11/msg00233.html), and until today 
I have not saw the new package version, 7676, on Debian's repositories around 
the world.
	I hope this helps some, 'cos some cards can not work fully with nv driver and 
compile nvidia driver can bring some pain to the user.

ps: i'm really really sorry if my english is too ugly.

Em Porto Alegre, Terça, 15 Novembro 2005 13:41, Lennart Sorensen escreveu:
> On Tue, Nov 15, 2005 at 05:35:26PM +1100, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> > here here
> >
> > is that likely to happen though?
> No.  I suspect they consider the development costs too high and the
> competition too high for them to release any such stuff at this time.
> ATI seems to release enough specs for their older radeon cards
> (9200/9250 level) for open source drivers to be developed, although that
> takes a lot of work, since they are only releasing the programing info,
> not their driver sources showing how they used it to do 3D as far as I
> can tell.  nvidia seems to release nothing other than 2D programing info
> on their cards.
> Anyone got programing specs on an XS24Z?  I have one I would love to see
> working with linux (heck even 2D would be a start). :)
> Len Sorensen

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