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Re: How to install nvidia driver

On Tuesday 15 November 2005 06:35, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> here here
> is  [mandatory full disclosure]  likely to happen though?
> Dean

Just maybe, but we will have to fight for it.

As I've already suggested, it's a common-law property right; but right now, 
too few people care about it for anybody to be able to enforce it  {UK, 
Aussie and US legal systems all work on a 'might makes right' basis}.  The 
typical response I've had when trying to explain how Open Source works is 
"Well, it's a fantastic idea, politically; but I'm not a programmer, so what 
good is the source code to *me*?"  Or, worse, "But it's easy enough to get 
Windows and Office without paying for them, doesn't that mean Microsoft still 
lose out?"

Something needs to happen to -make- people care about their rights.

The Sony rootkit case, when it comes to court, will present a great 
opportunity to raise awareness of how consumers' rights are being cynically 
trampled upon by manufacturers who care only about making money and not about 
the people who helped them make it in the first place.  

The next release of Microsoft Office, with the usual proprietary file format 
lockdown shenanigans, will present another excel-lent opportunity  {"Why 
can't I open this spreadsheet that my friend sent me?"}.

It's my bold assertion that "cheap" graphics cards start out fundamentally 
identical to their high-end brethren, but selected features are disabled by 
modifying the firmware and driver software.  {It's conceivable that even the 
amount of heat generated by the card would be controllable through software 
alone: CMOS logic gates only produce heat when they change state, and if 
fewer gates are changing state and/or they are doing so less often, then less 
heat will be generated; hence a simple lump of metal will do the job of 
cooling a cheap card, where an expensive one with the same processor might 
need a fan.}  It would be evident from studying the "secrets" which an owner 
of such a card is rightfully "in" on, how this is being done; manufacturers 
are hiding behind the dubious legal fiction of "intellectual property" to 
conceal their duplicity.

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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