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Re: amd64: Sarge or Etch?

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 11:14:44AM -0800, Bill Thompson wrote:
> I'm taking the plunge and building my first AMD64 system. Which Debian
> release would you suggest?
> I usually run unstable on my main workstation and stable on servers.
> This system will be a home file/print server so stability is important,
> but since the AMD64 build is not really official in Sarge I'm a bit
> confused as to which way to jump.
> What would you suggest?

Well for the most part sarge on armd64 is just like sarge on i386 except
for a few packages that requries some packages which are in the
stinkypete archive for amd64.

I tend to run unstable for my home machines, although I have run testing
on my weirder architectures just to avoid too many updates on them.

Personal preference really.  I would say treat amd64 just as you would
i386 and hence do what you would do for an i386 print server at home.

I have found however that 2.6.11/12+ have much better support for amd64
than 2.6.8 had in many cases, although that is mainly because most amd64
machines are so new.

Len Sorensen

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