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qps package for amd64: fixed for 2.6MP and depends

I may be the only person who likes this program, but qps is my favorite
graphical ps utility.  It has a bug in that it's broken for 2.6 kernels
on MP machines (all archs).  I submitted a patch with a bug report on
it ages ago, but nothing.  Also, it currently has build depends that
conflict with install depends -- sheez.

Anyway, I've built a version for amd64 with those problems fixed (it
depends on libqt3-mt, not libqt3-mt-c103whatever-nonsense, which in turn
depended on gcc-3.3-base or something stupid like that).

Let me know if you want it.  I've got etch installed, so I'm guessing it
depends on etch's glibc version and all that.


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