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Re: Problem with NICs on Amd64 installer

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 06:45:43PM +0000, David Goodenough wrote:
> I am new to Amd64, but have been using Debian for a long time.
> I was asked to install Debian on a couple of 1U servers running AMD-64 
> CPUs.  They have NICs that require the TG3 driver.
> I got hold of the sid D-I business card ISO, and booted it up.  It booted
> just find and correctly identified the need to load the TG3 driver.  But
> it then failed to load it, and if I change to the second console and try to
> use modprobe explicitly it says that the TG3 driver is not found.
> Now I know there was a problem with the TG3 driver in that it required
> binary firmware, but I understand that there is now a version which 
> does not need the firmware but does not enable all the facilities.
> Having failed with that driver I then tried to plug in a USB ethernet
> adapter which would have needed the pegasus driver.  But that is
> not auto-detected and again not loadable.
> There is a PCI slot spare, but it does not seem designed for 
> ethernet cards in that I don't think I can get connected to it.
> Any ideas?

What model is the machine?  If the expansion slot isn't PCI or PCI-X
what is it?  It probably won't allow an old 5V PCI card, but any dual
voltage card (two notches in the PCI connector rather than only one)
should fit in any PCI slot.  PCI express is different of course.

You can try my 2.6.12 sarge installer for amd64 and see if the tg3
driver it has works any better/differently.


Len Sorensen

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