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Problem with NICs on Amd64 installer


I am new to Amd64, but have been using Debian for a long time.

I was asked to install Debian on a couple of 1U servers running AMD-64 
CPUs.  They have NICs that require the TG3 driver.

I got hold of the sid D-I business card ISO, and booted it up.  It booted
just find and correctly identified the need to load the TG3 driver.  But
it then failed to load it, and if I change to the second console and try to
use modprobe explicitly it says that the TG3 driver is not found.

Now I know there was a problem with the TG3 driver in that it required
binary firmware, but I understand that there is now a version which 
does not need the firmware but does not enable all the facilities.

Having failed with that driver I then tried to plug in a USB ethernet
adapter which would have needed the pegasus driver.  But that is
not auto-detected and again not loadable.

There is a PCI slot spare, but it does not seem designed for 
ethernet cards in that I don't think I can get connected to it.

Any ideas?


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