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Re: GLIBC BUG still not fixed in stable package

mike <mike503@gmail.com> writes:

> Goswin - are you saying stable/sarge from amd64.debian.net will have a
> patched glibc?
> There's another application I discovered which fell victim to this
> pthread issue. But I can't find where it is, and I know it's not as
> popular as MySQL.
> It's a shame, I know a lot of people running amd64-based machines for
> MySQL, and currently if you choose to run a "stable" version you're
> left with this nasty bug. If a patched glibc is going to be back in
> stable off amd64.debian.net, I can keep using sarge then.
> Otherwise I'll have to use testing it appears...
> - mike

By now it already is in stinkypete. But stikypete isn't sarge. You
need an extra apt/sources.list entry for it.


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