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Re: Temporary 'lock-up' under heavy write, MegaRAID RAID-5

On Thursday, 10.11.2005 at 00:33 -0800, Andrew Sharp wrote:

> > Are you implying that the RAID card (or the megaraid driver) is
> > faulty?  Would you suggesting using a different controller in this
> > case?
> Well, no, not necessarily faulty, but some default parameters might
> not be agreeing so well with some other default parameters.  Like
> stride size and disk cache size, fs type, etc.  Hopefully the raid
> card's default stride size doesn't disagree with its own cache size.
> And all this is ruling out that there isn't something specific that
> needs to be done to this card/setup to pull the cork out.  Have you
> googled?

I've googled lots and very little is coming up.  Fortunately, although
this is a live system, it's only essential to have it online during
normal (extended) working hours, i.e. 0700-1800 - I can probably have a
play around with it one evening, or at the weekend, at least in a
non-destructive way.


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