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Re: Temporary 'lock-up' under heavy write, MegaRAID RAID-5

On Wednesday, 09.11.2005 at 22:07 -0800, Andrew Sharp wrote:

> [...]
> This whole thread may be OT for this list, but you guys running 4 way
> SMP opterons with three whole drives in a raid 5, throw away those
> raid cards and just use the software raid.  

That's a perfectly sensible suggestion and I'm guessing it would work
reasonably well.

However, the system in question is a live system and it's not easy to
simply change the disk arrangement on the fly: we are unfortunate in
that the problem of "some apps locking-up during heavy write conditions"
only manifested itself once the system was deployed and came into heavy

However, I am planning on flashing the BIOS on the RAID controller
during our next maintenance window.  If that doesn't fix it, then we can
perhaps try a backup-n-restore and use software RAID.

Are you implying that the RAID card (or the megaraid driver) is faulty?
Would you suggesting using a different controller in this case?

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