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Re: crontab use in chroot 32-bit environment ?

On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 11:02:13AM -0500, James D. Freels wrote:
> I set up a crontab for user backup (to run amanda) in the chroot 32-bit
> environment.  It does not seem to run.  Is it a requirement to run
> crontab from the 64-bit home environment and then include the 32-bit
> instructions within that crontab  (from root) ?  There are some bugs in
> the ananda-server package that require it to run in 32-bit mode.  I am
> getting ready to submit a bug report about this.

Normally there are no daemons running in the chroot, since well the init
scripts are never run for the chroot.

You can certainly add things to cron in the main system that runs chroot
things.  Something like this might work:

1 2 * * * dchroot -options command

With appropriate dchroot setup and options for running the command in
the chroot.

The crond doesn't know about the chroot, and the crond in the chroot
isn't running, so your system is behaving normally.

Len Sorensen

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