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Re: eeyes

You might also check out xzgv- it is *very* fast at creating thumbnails 
(stored in .xvpics folder in each directory) and has nice keybinding 
shortcuts for everything.  I routinely view whole directories of photos from 
my camera (2346x3520) and it loads these quickly.



On Wednesday 09 November 2005 07:31, Olivier Bornet wrote:
> Hello,
> On Tue, Nov 08, 2005 at 08:25:40AM +1100, Dean Hamstead wrote:
> > also, if you have imagemagick installed (likely you do)
> > then 'display' isnt half bad. beats viewing an image with
> > vi.
> I already know display and have it installed. This is my fallback
> solution when I don't have eeyes.
> Reply by Dean Hamstead:
> > check out gqview
> Larry Doolittle wrote:
> > The intended Gnome standard is now "eog" (Eye of Gnome).
> > I personally use "qiv" (Quick Image Viewer).  Both are
> > supported Debian packages.
> Thanks for these links. I will try all of them and select the best one
> for my needs. It's a shame that eeyes is no more maintained.
> I also have take back the oldstable package of eeyes, and
> dpkg-buildpackage it. Seems working OK. So, I will keep it in my own
> packages until I'm used with one of the other alternative.
> Thanks for all the pointers.
>         Olivier

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