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Shouldn't atmel-firmware v1.3-2 be in the amd64 repository?

According to
the atmel-firmware package for testing (etch) current version is 1.3-2
for all architectures.
According to my installation's synaptic (otherwise functioning perfectly
keeping etch up to date) the current version in:
deb http://amd64.debian.net/debian/ testing main contrib non-free
is version 1.2-2, and has been for some time.  The official debian uk
repository has version 1.3-2.

For me, this is preventing (on my AMD64 installation) the upgrade of
udev from 0.070-2 to 0.071-1, because atmel-firmware 1.2-2 still has the
dependency on hotplug (which the new udev replaces). which
atmel-firmware 1.3-2 updates to an or dependency on hotplug or udev (>=
0.070-3).  This has worked for me on my i386 machines with atmel cards.

Since this seems like a repository glitch, it didn't seem to merit a bug
report - but I'd be happy to post a bug if someone would suggest which
package to ascribe it to - it doesn't seem within the power of the
atmel-firmware maintainer to correct?

Thanks for all the excellent hard work, gals & guys!


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