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Re: 32bit emu packs

> Ok, tested skype some more.
> Strange effects here. While it starts in KDE the small "S" Icon junping
> around for a LONG time, as if it still tries to access some data. Skype
> is available and running and the small icon still jumps on...
> Any ideas?
I think is related to KDE, but not to 32bit.
> AND: I can use skype fairly normal, but skype won't close the sound
> device after accessing the microphone.
> I used the "echo123" user - til the point the microphone is activated, I
> can cancel the call and start it again with no problem (I get the sound
> of the hangup).
> But as soon as the microphone is activated, I don't get the hungup sound
> and a retry tells me "problem with sound device".
> Strange...
If you look on my page you'll understand why. Skype for Linux is
crappy. I hope Openwengo development won't take so much. However
thanks for testing!

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