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Re: Networking not working

On Fri, 4 Nov 2005 20:54:16 -0600, "Thomas F. O'Connell"
<tfo@sitening.com> wrote:
> So I finally made it through the installation process (see nearby  
> thread about software RAID, LVM, and LILO), and lo and behold:  
> networking isn't working. The primary ethernet card (of three) in  
> this machine is an Intel Ethernet Pro 100, and the e100 module seems  
> to load fine and be recognized, but I don't seem to be able to ping  
> the router on my local network, so I'm suspicious of the network card.
> During installation, DHCP was not detected, and after reboot during  
> base-config, apt setup couldn't be completed normally because, I  
> suspect, of networking issues.
> Has anyone had any difficulty getting networking going under sarge  
> amd64?

It would help greatly if you could give us some error messages to chew

I just set up my new box (Tyan K8WE dual-Opteron246) using Len
Sorensen's modified Sarge installer with the 2.6.12 kernel (Thanks,
Len!).  Initially my NICs were not detected either - all it found was
the FireWire networking, which I don't use.  I continued anyway, and on
reboot the NICs were found and the forcedeth driver loaded.  However, I
did have to add them to /etc/network/interfaces and then
run /etc/init.d/networking stop|start to get them running properly.

I've since upgraded to 2.6.14-2 to get around the Opteron SMP issues.

Note - after installing X/KDE, my NICs swapped over (!).

The only issue I have with it now is my graphics card (EVGA GeForce
6600GT PCI-E) but looking at the posts over the last few days it
appears I'm not alone there (it needs the nVidia 7714 driver)... 

For the time being I'm using the VESA driver (the nv driver causes
screen corruption after a few minutes of use) but it's not really a big
issue for me, as I just need to get a lot of (mainly text) on the screen
at once - FPS is unimportant.


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