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Re: nvidia (graphics) driver pain


> Try the advice in this post I seen on Debian User.
> http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.user/browse_thread/thread/f126e8f271acbbb5/2b3371f32bd0729f?lnk=st&q=kernel+2.6.14+prepare+debian+user&rnum=1#2b3371f32bd0729f

I ran

$ make prepare
$ make prepare scripts

inside the kernel source tree, and afterwards "m-a" successfully built
the debian package for the module.

But... It was installed in the wrong subdirectory of "/lib/modules".

$ uname -r

$ ls /lib/modules/2.6.14-vs2.1.0-rc5

Somehow, the APPEND_TO_VERSION (set to "+g1" when the kernel was built
with "make-kpkg") was not taken into account :-{

Then, of course:

# modprobe nvidia
FATAL: Module nvidia not found.

How to correct this?

Thanks and best regards,

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