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Re: debian-amd64 or debian-pure64

On 10461 March 1977, Stepan Kadlec wrote:

> 	can somebody please tell me, what is the difference between 
> debian-amd64 and debian-pure64 repository as found on amd64.debian.net 
> and which one should I use?

debian-pure64/ is only a symlink to debian/, so it doesnt matter which
one you use, only kept for some oldtimers who used it on alioth.
debian-amd64/ is our link-farm, for mirrors who only want to carry the
additional amd64 files and already have a full debian mirror.

As a user you should take the debian/ one. Or better: The right one for
your mirror as listed on http://amd64.debian.net/README.mirrors.html

bye Joerg
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