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Re: [SOT] EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 09:47:08AM +0200, Michael Dominok wrote:
> I'm subscribed to this List for about 2 Months now but failed to find a
> single Post, amongst the many that deal with Hardware-Problems, that
> concerns the EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra, or similar, Mainboard.

I have never even heard of the brand.  In my book that is a bad thing
since if I haven't heard of it, it is probably too obscure (at least in
this part of the world) to have particularly good support.  Maybe too
simplistic a view, but it has served my well for many years when buying
computer hardware.

> That makes me become suspicious. Am i the only one using this Board and
> if so why? What does everybody else know (about that Board), that keeps
> them from using it, that i don't? Or is it just my paranoia? 

I personalyl only buy Asus boards, and only the higher end models with
via or nvidia chipsets.

> The only unsolved Issue i came across is its failure to cooperate with
> acpid. Which, presumably, can be dealt with by compiling a custom Kernel
> with apm support and using apmd instead of acpid. If one bothers to
> care.

Usually when acpi doens't work, it is due to bugs in the bios's acpi
implementation.  Usually this requires a bios upgrade to fix, once the
maker of the system is willing to admit that they made a mistake by only
testing against windows rather than following the acpi spec.

Len Sorensen

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