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Re: AMD64 Laptop

On Tue, Oct 25, 2005 at 07:56:35AM -0400, Bas van Besouw wrote:
> Ken,
>  Most laptops should be fine. As far as I have seen, and experienced, the
> biggest problem are wireless cards.. And then only in 64bit mode, which I
> believe you want to use. Make sure the wireless card is in the hardware
> compattibility list. If not, then there are some other options like
> ndiswrapper, or even some commercially available software.

Anything ATI also tends to cause headaches.

For wireless I find most have the same problems in 32 and 64bit mode.
Most that need ndiswrappers seem to now have both 32 and 64bit drivers

Of course getting something for wireless that is open source supported
is preferable.

Len Sorensen

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