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[SOT] EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra

Hi Folks,

I'm subscribed to this List for about 2 Months now but failed to find a
single Post, amongst the many that deal with Hardware-Problems, that
concerns the EPoX 9NPA+ Ultra, or similar, Mainboard.

That makes me become suspicious. Am i the only one using this Board and
if so why? What does everybody else know (about that Board), that keeps
them from using it, that i don't? Or is it just my paranoia? 

The only unsolved Issue i came across is its failure to cooperate with
acpid. Which, presumably, can be dealt with by compiling a custom Kernel
with apm support and using apmd instead of acpid. If one bothers to

Please enlighten me.



Michael Dominok
If you don't care where you are, you ain't lost.

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