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Re: kdelibs4!

On Thursday 20 October 2005 20:02, lordSauron wrote:
> The only thing with gentoo is that it's really hard to install...
> though otherwise I'm convinced it's better than debian for desktop
> users.

Installing Gentoo from Stage One  {manually bootstrapping a build environment, 
downloading and compiling kernel and minimal userland package sources, 
booting the kernel you just compiled, then downloading and compiling the rest 
of your userland utilities, GUI and so on}  isn't actually *that* hard, IF 
you have printed a copy of the documentation in advance  {and IF your ADSL 
router has a simple ethernet connection}.  It is certainly an educational 
experience for anyone interested in what goes on under the bonnet.

The only real advantage I can see for Gentoo over Debian is that all your 
packages are compiled locally from source by default  {and that is perhaps 
not always an advantage}.  The package repositories are comparable in size 
and scope, and both distributions have bleeding-edge and rock-steady 
variants.  It seems to me that the difference largely boils down to "apt-get" 
vs "emerge".

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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