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Re: Heat problem with amd64 laptop

Even though i can't really comment on the topic, i just wanted to state that 
it is in general not a good idea to buy an Acer Laptop if you're using linux 
on it. 

Acer has a very rough buy or die strategy, which does ONLY accept M$ semi-OS' 
as OS'.
I had recently also some problems with my Travelmate, which i bought before i 
switched to linux and a call at Acer ended with "without Windows we can't 
give you any further support". Sad that in the end it was a hardware problem.

I just can recommend anybody not to buy Acer until they are willing to change 
their straight ahead strategy.

Just my 5 cents.



who doesn't use ANY f*cking M$ product at all and sleeps better now.

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