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Re: Amd64 archive

On 9/11/05, Ernest jw ter Kuile <ejwtk04@xs4all.nl> wrote:
On Sunday 11 September 2005 19:03, v0n0 wrote:
> When I try to install openoffice.org it complains it can't install:
> openoffice.org-debian-files (> 1.1.3+1.1.4)
> openoffice.org-bin (> 1.1.3+1.1.4)
> What can I do?

A great deal. To start with you could clarify your question.... Or was it just
a statement ?

I think the problem is circular dependancies. When I tried to install openoffice myself a day or two ago it complained -bin needed -debian-files to install, and -debian-files needed -bin to install.

At the time I wasn't able to find this as a bug on bugs.debian.org, but since I'm not familiar enough with the bugs system there is a very good chance I overlooked it.


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