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Re: problem with firefox and mozilla

Harald Wenninger wrote:

>* Am Dienstag, den 23. Aug 2005 um 11:13, schrieb Pete Harlan:
>>I've had the same problem for a while, using 'testing'.  My window
>>manager is wmaker, and I (usually) can't launch mozilla or thunderbird
>>anymore.  If I switch to blackbox (the only other window manager I've
>>tried), it works.  So I log in, switch to blackbox, open them, then
>>switch back to windowmaker.
>I've tested it now.
>Firefox starts in blackbox and twm, but not in fluxbox.
>Is this a fluxbox/windowmaker error or a bug in firefox/mozilla?
>What about other window managers?
I've got the same problems with WindowMaker.

Sometimes the window appears with a weird size and position, sometimes
not at all.
It happens also with a firefox or thunderbird launched from the 32bit
chroot (testing).


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