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Re: problem with firefox and mozilla

Harald Wenninger <harry@bobok.org>:
> * Am Dienstag, den 23. Aug 2005 um 11:13, schrieb Pete Harlan:
> > I've had the same problem for a while, using 'testing'.  My window
> > manager is wmaker, and I (usually) can't launch mozilla or thunderbird
> > anymore.  If I switch to blackbox (the only other window manager I've
> > tried), it works.  So I log in, switch to blackbox, open them, then
> > switch back to windowmaker.
> I've tested it now.
> Firefox starts in blackbox and twm, but not in fluxbox.
> Is this a fluxbox/windowmaker error or a bug in firefox/mozilla?
> What about other window managers?

I had problems with fvwm in Sid a while ago. Firefox didn't appear in
fvwm (the process was ok: just waiting for user interaction which it
couldn't get cause I couldn't see it) but starting it from another wm
(openbox) and switching to fvwm after was ok (but not really
Bugs were posted for fvwm and after an upgrade it was ok. Unfortunately
both fvwm and firefox were upgraded at that time. So I can't tell which
was the one to blame.

Sylvain Sauvage

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