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Re: Advice on hardware

On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 01:04:39PM -0700, Elaine Tsiang YueLien wrote:
> I have heard socket F is not till late 2006. There is an nvidia 8-way MB
> +daughter. The MB may be used for quad dual (not sure), the DB could be
> great for expansion. But apparently there is no kernel support for the
> nvidia chipset, and indeed I have found no vendor selling it with Linux.

Well certainly some nvidia chipsets work with linux, although perhaps
not fully in every way.  NCQ certainly has no support at this time
(although nvidia says their next chipset will have their own SATA design
so they can release programing specifications).

So far I have only used the mobile nvidia chipset (I think nforce go 250
or something like that), and it works just fine with linux on that
machine.  Sound works, USB works, video works (GF go mx 440 video), ide
works.  Can't think of anything else in the chipset that could need

A server chipset with multiple cpus on the other hand, with sata and
all, may be a bit harder to get fully working.  I haven't tried.

Len Sorensen

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