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Re: ia32-libs and dynamic loading paths

Thomas Steffen <steffen.list.account@gmail.com> writes:

> On 8/19/05, Christoph Best <cx_debian@ttdom.de> wrote:
>> Maybe I'll try to modify dlopen() to prepend "/emul/ia32" if the file
>> cannot be loaded and see if this solves the problems. I do not think
>> this should break anything.

That path should be set by the user.  Not everyone has his chroot
installed in /emul/ia32.

> Yes, I think that should solve most of these problems. The goal would
> be to make ia32 binaries work "out of the box" with a chroot
> environment installed there. I think for the cases I tested this
> modification should work, and it is much nicer than setting
> environment variables.

Shouldn't multiarch solve these problems as well?  Then packages would
install their modules in /usr/lib/$arch/$package (or was it
/usr/lib-$arch/$package?) and everyone should be happy.


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