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Re: quake2

Jacob Bresciani wrote:

edit your .bashrc ( or what ever is appropriate for your shell/ system ) and add the line

alias quake2="quake2 +set vid_ref glx +set sw_mode 0"

then you don't have to remember the switches

Jacob Bresciani

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On Aug 17, 2005, at 5:15 PM, anto1945 wrote:

I have a nvidia video card ...
I have found a solution for play quake2 (installed in Debian-amd64- way ) The nvidia readme file, talk about a libGL.so symlink , but in Debian Quake2 folder I can't found it. You can't play running a simple "quake2" but have to use "quake2 +set vid_ref glx +set sw_mode 0"



Once you use the flags and you successfully quit quake2, the settings are saved to ~/.quake2/baseq2/config.cfg for future use.

--Jo Shields

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